TSCRA Disaster Relief Fund distributes $900,000 in financial assistance

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TSCRA Disaster Relief Fund distributes $900,000 in financial assistance
Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA), the largest and oldest livestock association in the Southwest, today announced the distribution of $900,000 in financial assistance through the TSCRA Disaster Relief Fund. This signifies the first of ongoing financial assistance going directly to cattle raisers impacted by the largest wildfire in Texas history.

“Funds are on the way to ranching families affected by these fires, and we will continue to quickly distribute much more funding to those in need for as long as it takes to help them to rebuild,” said TSCRA President Carl Ray Polk Jr.

The distribution of funds comes after thousands of individuals and businesses came together to generously donate to the TSCRA Disaster Relief Fund in support of cattle raisers facing staggering losses.

"We hope the acts of kindness by so many individuals and companies who donated to the TSCRA Disaster Relief Fund will help these rural communities and ranching families recover amid great loss,” Polk said.

Recent data from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service estimates the region faced agricultural losses totaling $123 million. This includes losses of livestock, equipment, fencing, hay, feed and more.

The TSCRA Disaster Relief Fund continues to accept applications for financial aid from landowners and cattle raisers in disaster-declared counties in Texas and Oklahoma impacted by the Smokehouse Creek, Windy Deuce and other catastrophic wildfires earlier this spring. Individuals are asked to apply for aid online at tscra.org/disasterreliefapp .

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