How many times do you feed a day?
Most yards feed two to three times a day. Our finish cattle get 3 square meals a day. We offer a balanced ration to meet the nutritional needs of the animal.
What size of pens do you have?
We have most sizes of pens to meet your needs. We have 15-20 pens up to 250 head pens.
How long are cattle fed?
While that depends on the incoming weight of the cattle, most of the animals are fed between 100-230 days.
Are the cattle insured at the yard?
We have a limited coverage of the cattle to cover loss from tornado, theft, floods and snowstorm suffocation.
Do I have to buy a whole pen of cattle?
We have many customers that partner on cattle. Ownership of a pen of cattle currently range from 10% to 100%.
What will my cost of gain be?
There are various factors that affect the cost of gain, for example. Feed costs, genetics, condition of flesh, weather and most importantly health of the cattle, is critical in achieving an efficient cost of gain.