NDSU to host animal disease emergency response preparedness

Source: Farm Progress. The original article is posted here.

NDSU to host animal disease emergency response preparedness
North Dakota State University Extension, in cooperation with the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality and the NDSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, will host a training on emergency response preparedness for foreign animal diseases and mass livestock mortalities in North Dakota.

The goal of this training is to better equip local responders with the skills and resources needed to respond to an animal disease outbreak or mass livestock mortality. All participants will receive kits with personal protective equipment required to safely conduct farm visits.

This hands-on professional development training is geared specifically toward Extension agents, emergency managers and responders, and veterinarians and veterinary technicians who may deal with mass livestock mortalities. The training will include a classroom component, as well as hands-on demonstrations. Topics to be covered include:

Overview of animal diseases

Continuity of business planning (biosecurity)

Personal protective equipment and decontamination

Incident command systems, local response roles and impact assessment

Humane endings

Carcass disposal site selection and methods

Stress management and responding to stressed people

Effective communication in high stress situations

Response simulation exercise

Seats are available for up to 200 participants with the option to attend one of two dates at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center. The training will be offered on June 11-12 or Sept. 10-11. Continuing education credits will be available. For more information and to register for this event please visit the website . The registration fee is $35 per person. Please register by June 1 or Sept. 1 for meal count purposes.

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