MSF partners with Montana Cattle Breed Associations for cattle drive program

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MSF partners with Montana Cattle Breed Associations for cattle drive program

In its largest donation year to date, Montana Stockgrowers Foundation’s (MSF’s) Cattle Drive Program is upping the “steaks” by partnering with Montana breed associations to provide incentives for the quality cattle genetics raised by Montana producers. Montana Angus, Hereford, Red Angus and Simmental associations have pledged a combined $20,000 in award money for the program.

This year, in addition to the carcass and gain data that donors receive as part of the program, they will also receive DNA parentage information on their steers. DNA samples will be taken of all donated steers and sent to a licensed testing facility. In cooperation with the breed associations, parentage of the steer will be determined. If the steer is sired by a bull registered with one of the four participating breeds associations and places in the Cattle Drive contest, the donor stands to receive a financial award.

“We are excited for the breed associations to be partnering with us in this program. We believe this is going to elevate the program and highlight the quality genetics that we have right here in Montana.” says Monty Lesh, co-chair of the Cattle Drive Committee.

MSF’s Cattle Drive has 83 steers donated to the program this year. After being finished at Yellowstone Cattle Feeders in Shepherd, MT, steers will be sold to local restaurants, processors, and individuals, providing an entire pasture to plate process within the state of Montana. The money raised from the sales of these steers supports MSF’s mission of investing in Montana’s ranching community through education, leadership, and conservation.

Once steers are sold, average daily gain and carcass data are provided back to the donating producer. The top three in each category are recognized at Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention and Trade Show in December. This year, for the first time in program history, an overall grand champion steer will be awarded based on placements within the categories.

For more information on this program or if you are interested in supporting Montana Stockgrowers Foundation by purchasing a steer from this program, contact Heidi Kool at [email protected] .

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