Merck announces new nozzles and shields for intranasal cattle vaccines

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Merck announces new nozzles and shields for intranasal cattle vaccines

Merck Animal Health today announced new Allflex CleanVax nozzles and shields for clean, fast and convenient administration of intranasal vaccines to cattle.

The CleanVax intranasal vaccination system includes shorter nozzles that are less invasive than conventional cannulas, as well as clear plastic disposable shields that can be replaced between animals or groups of animals for more hygienic administration.

“CleanVax nozzles and shields optimize every aspect of the intranasal vaccination process for confidence in a clean, consistent dose every time,” said Jonathon Townsend, D.V.M., Ph.D., dairy technical services for Merck Animal Health. “The system is simple to use and enhances calf comfort, hygiene and consistency, making it easier on both the calf and caregiver.”

The following are the advantages of the CleanVax intranasal vaccination system:

Calf-friendly, shorter nozzles minimize discomfort;

Atomizer tips ensure even distribution across mucosal surfaces and reduce product drip;

Easy-to-use nozzles attach to any brand of syringe or Luer lock applicator gun;

Hygienic shields add a layer of protection and enhance biosecurity.

“CleanVax nozzles and shields are designed to make intranasal vaccine administration more hygienic, calf-friendly and consistent,” Dr. Townsend added. “As a leader in intranasal vaccination technologies, Merck Animal Health continues to advance cattle health and production with innovative and effective solutions for cattle producers.”

Intranasal vaccines available from Merck Animal Health include Bovilis Nasalgen 3-PMH, bovilis nasalgen 3, bovilis nasalgen IP, Bovilis Coronavirus and Bovilis Once PMH IN.

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