Farm Progress America, October 24, 2023

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Farm Progress America, October 24, 2023
Mike Pearson takes a look at whether speed limit devices in commercial vehicles over 26,000 pounds should become law in 2024.

The law is set to go into effect Dec. 29-- however an act of Congress could stop it.

For the past two years, federal officials with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have been working on a rule concerning speed limit devices in commercial vehicles.

There are no limits yet.

A proposal was created in September which would have put a limit of 68 MPH on the devices but that was repealed.

According to the industry magazine, Overdrive, two-thirds of commercial trucks have the mechanisms already. One third of them limit the speed to 65 MPH, one third to 66-70 MPH and one third to 70 MPH.

Currently speed limits range from 65 MPH to 85 MPH across the country.

One trucking organization, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, warns that the devices could cause more harm than good. The organization's members worry that if trucks are traveling slower than traffic, an accident could occur.

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