Farm Progress America, November 27, 2023`

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Farm Progress America, November 27, 2023`
Mike Pearson takes a look at European farmers and the battle they have on their hands when it comes to pesticide use.

In July 2022, a law was proposed that would pesticide use by 50 percent by 2030. It's called the SRU or Sustainable Use Regulation of Plant Protection.

The law is opposed by various farm groups including COPA-COGECA which is leading opposition in many countries.

Farm lobbyists had many concerns with the proposed rules.

A commission fighting farmers said government did not take time to assess the costs and who should pay for them.

After the vote on the law, a COPA-COGECA statement sent after said the law had no ideological with no connection to the realities of agriculture.

The vote on the law failed with only 207 in favor and 299 against it.

Lawmakers says there is no time to bring it back up for another try at passing it any time soon.

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