Farm Progress America, January 2, 2024

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Farm Progress America, January 2, 2024

Mike Pearson

Avian influenza continues to pose a threat to poultry farms worldwide.

USDA Health Inspection Service reports fresh HH5N1IP outbreaks in six states: Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, California, South Dakota and Nebraska. And there are growing concerns in Indiana, Iowa and parts of the southeast region of the United States.

Utah was certified bird flu free in late December.

There have been 13 million birds killed this year to combat the flu. And a total of 79.3 Billion birds killed since 2022.

There are new concerns overseas with the H1N6 variant found there that is more dangerous than the H1N5 variant here. Plus, some mammals are developing the illness including a polar bear in Alaska and a squirrel in Arizona.

The animal World Health Organization says a poultry vaccine is a tool in controlling bird flu.

Producers, veterinarians and USDA employees will have tough decisions to make in order to protect flocks. More tools are necessary to put in poultry farmers' toolboxes in order to keep poultry safe.

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