Farm Progress America, January 16, 2024

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Farm Progress America, January 16, 2024
Mike Pearson tells listeners about recalls concerning Dodge and Ford pickup trucks in recent months and their impacts.

Ford is recalling over 2.5 million F-150 from 2021-2023 model years.

And Dodge is recalling trucks built with the Cummins motor which will result 600,000 recalls specifically- diesel motors in 2500 and 3500 trucks.

In the case of the Ford recalls, the problem is with the rear axle hub. The problem is that it can be dangerous and might roll away while parked without the parking brake engaged.

This is specifically in trucks with the trailer two max duty package with the 9 1/2 inch axle package.

Truck owners are asked to be vigilant and listen for clicking or rattling noises.

Meanwhile the recall for Cummins motors comes after a $2 billion court settlement.

Cummins Inc. is accused of utilizing software that defeats emissions tests.

Over 630,000 trucks were equipped with deceit software.

The settlement will cost the company a $1.765 billion fine and pollution remedies under Clean Air Act.

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