Farm Progress America, February 8, 2024

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Farm Progress America, February 8, 2024
Mike Pearson takes a look at a partnership for Climate Smart Commodity Grants-- a series of grants available through the USDA to farmers who develop new growing strategies. The program has been contentious but they are also starting to bare fruit.

One project is in the Mid-South and includes 700 acres of rice. PJ Haynie, of the National Black Growers Association, is growing rice with few inputs as part of the pilot program under the USDA. The idea is to develop growing methods using less water for rice-- which can be scarce.

There are seven states in the United States that grow rice.

Normally, rice grows in standing water. However, Haynie has been growing rice in rows which automatically reduce water and increase productivity. However, there are higher herbicide costs and more trips through the field.

The question then becomes, does the emissions outweigh the extra costs.

This is the third year of the Climate Smart Commodity program.

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