Farm Progress America, February 14, 2024

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Farm Progress America, February 14, 2024
Mike Pearson tells us how the long running dispute between the USA and Mexico over GMO corn will likely be resolved in 2024. That's what the Chief Ag Negotiator told the National Association of Departments of Agriculture last week.

Back in 2020, Mexico's president announced he would ban GMO corn for consumption into Mexico.

This action set off high level discussions between Mexico and the USA.

The ban was considered a violation of the USMCA Trade agreement because the ban was not based on scientific principals.

McKalib says 5 panelists from each country have been chosen to review the briefs and testimony on both sides. Then they have 150 days from the appointment of the last panelist to present their review. After that, the group has 45 days for both countries to come to an agreement.

The grain and livestock supply chains will have to make changes in how corn is moved.

Another issue is the 50 percent tariff on white corn because it is important for production of tortillas in the industry.

While Mexican political leaders have been fighting to stop corn from entering the country. Mexican grain leaders have been doing the opposite. Over 18.2 million metric tons of corn were purchased. The same is expected in 2024.

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