Farm Progress America, December 28, 2023

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Farm Progress America, December 28, 2023
Mike Pearson tells listeners how the migrant crisis in the southern borders are impacting grain exports after two tracks were closed for five days so staff could be reassigned. The tracks reopened but uncertainty remains.

On Monday, Dec. 18, the freight trains using the railroads in EL Paso Texas and Eagle Pass Texas were stopped due to surging migrants and the freight trains for smuggling.

The closures impacted the Union Pacific and BNSF Railroads the most.

Over 22 trains a day were crossing the border prior to the closure.

The closures impacted 45 percent of the cross border business with as many as 4,500 railroad cars being held on the USA side of the border.

Closures were leading to tight feed supplies for livestock in Mexico and ag organizations spoke out.

The grain trains stalled in border states were released five days later.

The trains are needed to connect farmers with international customers who depend on grain for livestock.

Border security spoke out and said measures were being implemented and they were deploying efforts to stop the smuggled products from entering the USA.

It's apparent commodity shippers will need to have backup options if the closures happen again in order to get the grain over the border.

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