Farm Progress America, April 29, 2024

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Farm Progress America, April 29, 2024

Mike Pearson tells listeners about new federal orders that are going to impact the dairy industry.

Last week, the USDA APHIS, handed down a new federal order with requirements to slow down the highly pathogenic avian influenza in dairy herds across the country.

Beginning today, all dairy herds moving across state lines must be able to show a test they are free of the HPAI virus and the test must be performed by an approved facility.

If a herd owner has a positive test result, they will be required to provide epidemiological proof including details for animal tracing.

Now, this is the first federal order making changes to the dairy industry since the highly pathogenic virus was discovered in Texas, Kansas and herds across the country. Now, fresh data indicates the spread might be under reported.

In a report published last week, veterinarians from the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition said they detected HPAI fragments in 38 percent of retail milk samples with higher incidence from milk in area hot spots for the disease.

The virus fragments left behind are not viable meaning their presence can show the cow was infected.

If the little virus pieces left after pasteurization aren't enough to carry the illness.

Secretary of Ag Tom Vilsack told reporters this has been and continues to be a very complex and revolving issue. "We're trying to respond in a way that protects the American people."

One reporter asked Vilsack if he had personal concerns regarding the consumption of dairy products. Secretary said without hesitation he put cream in his coffee and had a grill cheese for lunch, saying again the U.S. milk supply is safe.

However, dairy farmers will have a few more hoops to jump through.

So, producers transporting dairy cattle across the state lines will have new regulations effected today. And additional guidelines for other classes of dairy cattle will be released soon.

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