Farm Progress America, April 17, 2024

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Farm Progress America, April 17, 2024
Mike Pearson reminds listeners that last November, the FDA approved cell cultured chicken production which opened the door for sales. Now, the public is weighing in and they don't seem excited.

Lab grown meat has been under the microscope for years. It started with fish filets form NASA in 2002 and in 2013-- the lab grown burger was introduced. Then in 2020, chicken bites-- similar to chicken nuggets was introduced.

Now, 43 companies are in the business of producing and selling cell cultured meat.

Globally however, the Italian parliament has banned the technology from their country.

And domestically, Florida has passed legislation against it. Now, four other states are debating it, including Iowa, Alabama, Arizona and Tennessee.

Most of the political action is being driven by livestock producers but data also shows that consumers are soft on lab-grown meat.

The Consumer Food Insight Survey from Purdue University asked American consumers for their thoughts about cultivated meat.

Results show only 60 percent of consumers are willing to try cell-cultivated meat of any type. While 90 percent are willing to buy conventionally produced meat.

About 40 percent of those who won't eat conventional meat will eat lab-grown meat-- either for social or environmental reasons.

The results from the Purdue University survey also showed that conventionally produced meat is thought to be healthier and tastier than cell cultured meat by consumers.

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